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‘£25million cuts’ due to the pandemic

Vulnerable could bear the brunt of Town Hall budget crisis

17 July, 2020

Town Hall finance chief Councillor Satnam Gill

ELDERLY and disabled people could bear the brunt of £25million worth of cuts over the next two years, unless the government makes good on its promise to fill the black hole in the Town Hall’s budget caused by the coronavirus crisis, it was claimed this week.

Islington’s adult social services may be asked to make savings of up to £7m as the council tries to respond to the loss of revenue and cost of extra services during the Covid lockdown.

“What we’re saying is that the govern­ment told us to do ‘what­ever it takes’ and they would fund it,” said the Town Hall’s finance chief Councillor Satnam Gill.

“What’s happened is they have funded a bit of it, and then said carry on doing whatever it takes but we’re not going to fund all of it.We still don’t know how much money is coming.”

He added: “If the government increase the amount we will get back in terms of lost income, or gives us more money for adult social care for example, then these figures could change.”

Cllr Gill said he was “not in a position” to talk about the potential for any job losses at this stage, but said Islington would work hard to avoid any worker redundancies.

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