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Spokesman’s quote about the Compton Arms really takes the biscuit

10 November, 2017

• I HAVE been fed a lot of horse manure in my lifetime but the Greene King spokesman’s quote really takes the biscuit: “Our commitment to high-quality, community pubs sometimes means we have to take the difficult decision to sell a pub to continue investing in our estate.”

If I were a spokesman and if I had been bullied into making this statement then I would have choked mid-sentence.

The Compton Arms has always been a flagship community pub (Calling time on Orwell boozer, November 3). Its location, setting, ceiling heights, ambience and choice of ales have combined to make it something that Greene King should be rightly proud of.

So why on earth is Greene King prepared to sacrifice it? Has the spokesman confused the word “commitment” with “allergy”?

If this is not a proper community pub then I would love to know Greene King’s alternative definitions of community and pub.

Perhaps the clue is in the word “estate”. The brewery’s assets are being exploited at the expense of all its long-term customers and supporters.

Perhaps this gem of a pub matters little to the current executors of that brewery, but I sincerely hope that it matters enough to its nearby neighbours at the town hall to turn it into an asset of community value.

Monsell Road, N4


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