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We cannot address our needs until we take democratic control of the wealth of the world

06 April, 2018

• JEREMY Corbyn’s municipal “socialism” sounds about as far from socialism as you can get: state bodies doling out crumbs to the needy instead of turning the productive capacity of society over to directly and freely providing for the needs of everyone.

Labour’s pitch at this local election is to ask for us to vote for it to kick us in the head by implementing spending cuts, lest central government administrators come and do the head-kicking.

That isn’t a choice: we still end up being clobbered. The point is that we don’t have to give our consent to it.

The cuts are not coming about because of malice by the Tory party, but because of the inherent flaws in an economic system set up to benefit the few who own the world.

We cannot address our needs, or have any meaningful democratic control of our lives and our community unless and until we take democratic control of the wealth of the world.

I am standing as the Socialist Party candidate in Junction ward so that workers here can refuse to give their consent to being kicked, and to signal to others that they agree with the need to fundamentally change the way we organise society.

Hargrave Road, N19


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