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A box junction would help near Highbury Corner

25 October, 2019

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan invited to see “the traffic chaos at Highbury Corner”

• HAVING read the letter by “name and address supplied” (Let’s get the facts and data on traffic matters, October 18), in which he or she seems to cast doubts on the traffic chaos at Highbury Corner, may I suggest that he or she, if they can spare the time, comes and spends a couple of days or so and see for themselves the problems that occur there.

These are not dreamt up, they actually happen. I do voluntary work in the charity shop on Highbury Corner and all too often all we hear in the shop is impatient blasting of hooters from traffic that can’t wait to go down into St Paul’s Road as they can’t seem to wait for the traffic lights to turn green.

Again, I suggest that he or she watch the traffic as it crosses the crossing outside Highbury and Islington station. As I have said before, it often blocks the crossing preventing people who wish to cross the road there from seeing the sign from either side of the road.

An easy cure for this would be to move the stop-line back further along Holloway Road and to install a box junction at this location. This would ensure that there is a clear view in both directions across this light-controlled crossing at all times.

To enforce this you could also have a set of traffic cameras there to record vehicle registration plates of drivers who don’t keep the crossing clear.

Again, there is also a danger on the crossing outside the Hen and Chickens pub which has lights to indicate when it is clear for pedestrians to cross. But unfortunately all too often you have vehicles ignoring this.

I would also point out that there is a cycle lane that runs outside the charity shop from Holloway Road to St Paul’s Road etc, so why on Friday morning did a cyclist need to ride on the pavement instead of using this lane? Or did it not apply to her?

And don’t get me going about congestion in St Paul’s Road as very often when travelling in either direction on the bus there is a tailback especially towards Highbury Corner that very often extends back past the junction with Highbury Grove. As do buses, often.

When waiting at the bus stope outside St Paul’s Church for a No 30 to go to Highbury, I have seen sometimes as many as five No 38s going towards the Angel, very often with very few passengers on board.

Our illustrious Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, says he doesn’t want empty buses running. So I suggest to him to come and see for himself if he is not too busy having a spat with Donald Trump.

Clissold Crescent, N16


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