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A crime that’s hard to forgive

15 March, 2018 — By John Gulliver

I AM a pretty forgiving man but I am struggling to forgive a gang of what must be the meanest thieves around.

They broke into a neighbour’s old banger in the dead of the night – innocently, she had parked it in an unlit side-street in Primrose Hill – ransacked it, and stole all of the weekly “shop” she had completed the night before and left in the boot of the car.

All of it was taken – not an ounce of food left.

Now, what makes this such a heinous crime is that my neighbour is a woman in her late 70s who is seriously ill and who, heroically confronting her condition, moves around painfully but insists on her independence.

What thoughts went through the minds of these awful thieves?

Surely, they must have realised the old car belonged to someone who is pretty impoverished.

Stealing from the poor – the depths they sank to!

Their crime was far worse than many others that are high in the criminal calender.


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