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A dove for a Dame

11 October, 2018 — By John Gulliver

Dame Anne Griffiths

A BEAUTIFUL dove in flight amid colours of green, blue and red, looked down on a special dedication service held on Sunday in the historic St Mark’s Church, Primrose Hill. The stained glass is in memory of Dame Anne Griffiths, archivist to Prince Philip, who died last year, aged 84.

The dove is the centrepiece of the glass, by one of the most highly respected artists in the field, Graham Jones. The window is seen to be more in the style of Chagall – and was approved by the church council and by Anne Griffiths’ family, the first art piece to be installed in the church since 1962.

Dame Anne began work as a Lady Clerk at Buckingham Palace in1952 and later was an archivist for most of her life. Prince Phillip’s attendance at her memorial service in May last year was the last of his public engagements before his retirement. Dame Anne was the church council’s secretary and churchwarden.


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