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We don’t want Canonbury to be a gated community

04 September, 2020

• THE power to make temporary closures, which is intended to facilitate necessary works and cope with emergency situations, is being misused by Islington Council to install at one week’s notice “people-friendly” street closures in Canonbury.

This device eliminates proper consultation and justification based on reliable evidence of the impact, costs and benefits.

For the council to say it may reconsider and dismantle all these costly permanent works after a year and a half is fanciful.

The notion that we need these road closures in such a relatively quiet area so that we can “walk and cycle safely” and observe social distancing is alleged without any evidence and is frankly unbelievable.

Moreover extinguishing the only route from the west into Canonbury means that residents needing to access the Angel or University College hospitals will have an extended and congested route with dangerous turns into St Paul’s Road.

The congestion in St Paul’s Road and at Highbury Corner will be made worse for everybody by diverting traffic from Canonbury.

The “clean air” for Canonbury argument amounts to shifting the toxic emissions towards Canonbury School and those living in the vicinity of Highbury Corner.

Making life worse for those already having to suffer from the ill-thought-out redesign of Highbury Corner to give supposed solace to Canonbury is nimbyism.



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