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A home for ‘grumpy face’ Agnes

28 June, 2019

Agnes, ‘Despite the grumpy face she’s wonderful’

AGNES, the angriest-looking cat in the world but one with a “lovely temperament”, has finally found a loving home after four months in care.

The flat-faced Persian has been living at an adoption home in Arch­way run by Cats Protect­ion, where she has been given a “special lighter diet” because she suffers from a sensitive stomach.

She went to her new home on Wednesday.

Centre manager Jen Harris said: “Despite the grumpy face she’s a wonderful cat. It’s always worth considering cats which are a bit quirky, considering these become the best companions.”

“She looks angry but she’s the friendliest cat we know,” she said. “Whenever there’s a person around she’s straight at the front of her pen, wanting attention.”

The centre in Junction Road is accepting clean used cat food packages, which it recycles to raise cash. To adopt a cat, go to

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