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A message to Jeremy: Don’t let our young people down, burst the Brexit bubble

30 June, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn

An open letter to Jeremy Corbyn

• CONGRATULATIONS on overwhelming a sustained and cruel media campaign that tried to belittle you and to paint a false picture of you as a man that most people would consider unsuitable to lead our country.

Despite months of this nonsense, and the antics of many Labour MPs, you’ve succeeded in enabling your honesty, your integrity, your warmth and straightforward common sense to shine through.

You’ve continued to deepen your connection with the majority of this nation’s younger generation, who’ve long been bored by politics and by the facile rhetoric of many of our politicians.

Young people are tired of seeing vain and self-serving politicians playing their predictable parts in the nonsenses of the House of Commons and jostling for personal power and occasional moments of glory in the media.

Listening to the sustained ‘rock star’ applause you received when you came on stage during the Glastonbury Festival, I doubt that this young generation will ever forget or be disinclined to vote for you again.

Now that you’ve inspired the young to vote for what they believe in and hope for, it would be perverse to let them down over the most important decision that our country has taken since they were born. It’s a decision that will affect all of our futures and their futures above all.

Will this younger generation want Brexit? Only this morning the prospect of insufficient salad and fruit pickers and the consequent big increases in food prices is starting to threaten. Despite this, Philip Hammond has once again reasserted that what the Brexiteers still believe is “the will of the people”. I wonder and doubt if it still is.

Neither the results of this deceitful referendum nor the triggering of Article 50 are binding. The assumption of the inevitability of Brexit is an illusion. Only a slender misguided minority desired us to leave the EU, to isolate ourselves, to make us dependent on rot like our weapons business and dependent on our corrupt banks.

Young people will support you again, Jeremy, and support the party you lead, but only if you reassert your qualities of honesty and compassion as you did during the Grenfell Tower catastrophe, and only if you stand with them and turn back the tidal wave of Brexit.

Despite your current popularity, your ambiguity about the EU and that sense that you are out of step with our nation’s youth on Brexit won’t keep the momentum you’ve created rolling in your favour.

It was a momentum carried largely by their disgust with our current administration, although no one can deny that it was a momentum wonderfully spearheaded with a brilliant, unpredicted result achieved by you.

But in an election that will surely come, they’ll expect to count on you to clarify and renew your commitment, and theirs, to our country being an active and creative member within a reformed and socially innovative European Union.

This is your moment. You are chiming with our young people and the more youthful spirit of the times.

If you show the courage and leadership that’s needed, and I believe is now wanted, and burst the Brexit bubble, you’ll sustain and grow the frustrated appetite for a government that’s positive, that takes bold, decent, kind, peaceful and harmonious decisions and that will make our society fairer, more sociable, more equal, more successful and happier.

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