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Action needed now to curb St Mary Magdalene drop-off pollution

12 April, 2019

Ambler Primary School parents, staff and pupils at its school street launch

• AS the new ULEZ (ultra-low emission zone) exhaust restrictions are introduced to help control pollution in London’s congestion charging zone we still have to be aware of the volume of unnecessary emissions across the inner

The Islington school streets initiative highlighted by Claudia Webbe helps to start addressing this, but does not go far enough, (School streets show we’re leading from front in tackling pollution, April 5).

Locally, just outside the ULEZ area, we have the issue of idling cars at St Mary Magdalene Academy, which are still not being dealt with by Councillor Webbe and her team.

Every day vehicles drop off, wait and pick up, despite the commitment in the original planning application to this not happening being ignored by the school.

This, along with a number of other issues, has been repeatedly highlighted with transport boss Cllr Webbe and ward councillor Gary Poole from last year’s residents’ meeting with the academy, which has a long history of inaction.

The response from Cllr Webbe has been a questionnaire to residents that ignores many items they consider are important, principally health-damaging pollution, rather than trying to resolve the problems.

In the background, the whole of London has moved onto a new clean-air initiative with the Mayor’s office. Many schools have championed a no-drop-off policy, with pupils and parents taking the lead, including the schools streets initiative Cllr Webbe mentions.

This initiative now needs to be extended to include the streets surrounding St Mary Magdalene, where the pollution from the drop-off has been highlighted for many years by residents as a major concern.

Crossley Street, N7


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