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Action, not words, over Roman Way Medical Centre closure

01 June, 2018

Councillors Sara Hyde, Paul Convery and Una O’Halloran outside the Roman Way Medical Centre

• I NOTE with mild incredulity that the three Labour councillors for Caledonian ward have had their photograph taken outside in protest at Roman Way Medical Centre’s imminent closure, (GP surgery closure: ‘Where are we all going to go?’, May 25).

The practice is to close in August. The NHS has said it will take at least a year to find a replacement to service more than 4,000 potential patients.

Surely, the local councillors should have been on the case months ago and demanded that this situation be sorted, with no gaps to service provision, rather than using it as a grandstanding opportunity to promote themselves.

In common with all residents in Islington, I want to see action, not words, from this council. So let’s see less of the councillors taking their photo opportunities and more focus on achieving results that matter for the community.



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