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A&E dash with sick son cost me parking fine

05 October, 2018

• I RECENTLY challenged an Islington Council parking fine and had my appeal declined. Usually, I just cough up and keep quiet. But not this time.

On a Sunday night, at 8pm, I made a dash to A&E at the Whittington with my sick son. I was relieved to see that there was a parking space almost directly outside the hospital on Highgate Hill.

I parked, and whizzed him in. A few days later I received a penalty notice. Apparently, the bay I had parked in required me to pay-and-display at all times.

Who would possibly imagine (not least when faced with the emergency of getting to A&E) that pay-and-display would be chargeable at night, on a Sunday, outside a hospital.

Islington Council is clearly exploiting the fact that people in these circumstances will not anticipate or notice unusual, unreasonable parking restrictions.

When Islington declined my appeal, its email carried a banner that read “Towards a Fairer Islington”, to which I say, towards a less cynical Islington, please.

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