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After all the work the station looks like an old shed

04 October, 2019

Cllr Claudia Webbe joins London Mayor Sadiq Khan and fellow politicians and officers who worked on Highbury Corner

• THE pride recently expressed by Cllr Claudia Webbe, in advance of the ceremonial unveiling of the Highbury Corner project isn’t universally shared.

Unsurprisingly many residents will view a pre-election photo opportunity with Sadiq Khan, to mark the completion of this work, rather differently.

It will be a reminder for many of us who live near Highbury Corner of this project’s ill-considered origin, flawed design, and incompetent realisation by Transport for London.

We’ve endured years of disruption and chaos to get to this point. Concerns about increased levels of pollution, traffic flow and unintended rat-runs will justifiably continue to be voiced.

However, when councillors and TfL personnel gathered for this self-congratulatory event I trust they were embarrassed by the sight of the ramshackle station entrance and ugly façade which is in urgent need of attention.

How can the reconstruction of Highbury Corner, as a “public space” to be proud of, be viewed as a success story when the appearance of Highbury and Islington station, its focal point and a major rail interchange, resembles a dilapidated shed?

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