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All faiths come together to fight virus outbreak

"Everyone is concerned around their health and safety and what will be the situation in the future"

30 March, 2020 — By Helen Chapman

Mohammed Kozbar

MOSQUES, churches and faith groups are coming together in a bid to help reach those who are most vulnerable amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Finsbury Park Mosque said they have been reaching out to their members, identifying those most in need.

Mohammed Kozbar, chairman of Finsbury Park Mosque, where all activity was last week stopped, said: “The best way to tackle this disease is to stay at home. This is the message to our community. We keep them informed on our website and social media.

“This is a very difficult time for everyone. Everyone is concerned around their health and safety and what will be the situation in the future.

“We are trying to keep in touch with the elderly congregation and we call them every couple of days to see if we can help them.

“There were elderly people who used to come to the mosque everyday who we don’t see now.”

Mr Kozbar said he was concerned of those without a home during this time as the mosque has cancelled their weekly event for the homeless to support social distancing.

“We are trying our best to minimise the damage and help the most vulnerable,” he said, “That is the least we can do as a faith community.”

The mosque is thinking about how to use online services during lockdown measures and are in discussion with other faith groups in the borough about how best to help.

Roz Miller from the Islington Faith Forum said: “I am reminded of how well voluntary and community groups come together at times like these and how hard they are working to make sure we do reach vulnerable members of the community.

“For us it is about trying to find out who is in need. What we have been doing is looking at who needs food.

“Some of our faith sites have offered to make donations which is lovely to see everyone coming together.

Islington Faith Forum are working with the council and the Cripplegate Foundation.

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