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An odd take on modern policing…

16 May, 2019

Cartoon by John Sadler

• OUR poor diminished police are having to resort to the dark arts of spin to gloss over the fact that they are fighting a losing battle against street crime because government has slashed their numbers in the discredited name of “balancing the books”, (Phone snatch thieves using ‘stealth’ tactics on pedal bikes, May 9).

Do push bikes really enable a new hi-tech criminality on the grounds that their quietness is conducive to a “stealthy” approach to the victim? What next? “Pockets spark crime spree”? After all, anything from raw sausages to nylon tights can be concealed in pockets.

Or how about “Running shoes used by criminals to escape arrest”? No question about that one! The headline I really look forward to is “Government restore police numbers to protect its citizens from crime.” Obvious, perhaps, but a step in the right direction.



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