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And now for something completely different: Music in Motion

Try the action-packed, informal performances staged at Conway Hall

26 October, 2017 — By Sebastian Taylor

No music stands for chairs with Music in Motion

Are you a regular concert-goer looking for something a bit different? Do you like classical music but find concerts a bit of a stretch? Wish there was more “action”? Shorter sets?

If so, maybe you should try one the Music-in-Motion concerts at Conway Hall, Holborn – two performances this Saturday and again next Tuesday evening October 28 and 31).

The concerts by John Landor’s London Musical Arts Organisation are a completely new way of performing classical music.

“The musicians are all around you, moving as they play,” says Landor. “There are no music stands or chairs – just passionate, expressive musicians using the space and their bodies to convey the drama and emotion of the music.

“They use movement and gesture to articulate the structure, drama and meaning of the music. This gives the audience visual cues which help direct their hearing towards all the rich musical interactions that are usually hidden.

“In this way, audiences experience the action, drama and emotions of the music as never before. You can take in your drinks, lounge on a cushion or move around between pieces and there’s plenty of intervals where you can chat with your friends.”

There’s a touch of the macabre in the Music-in-Motion programme to mark the coming Halloween season. Between Bach’s third Brandenburg Concerto and the elan of Elgar’s Introduction and Allegro, there’s a murder in Janáček’s Kreutzer Sonata, and a coffin in Vivaldi’s Al Santo Sepolcro.

In addition, there’s exquisite heartache in Purcell’s Chacony and solace in Arvo Pärt’s Fratres.

Saturday, October 28: 3.30pm, £12/conc £8 and 7.30pm, £15/cons £10
• Tuesday, October 31: 7.30pm, £15/cons £10
• Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, WC1, 020 7405 1818,

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