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Another affront to William Blake

03 August, 2018

Members of the Blake Society with the new stone at Bunhill Fields

• PEMA Monaghn writes about the upcoming unveiling of the memorial for William Blake’s grave this month, (Poetic justice as Blake’s grave gets its own stone, July 27).

Sadly, and paraphrasing Gilchrist, Blake’s grave will now be dishonoured, perhaps more deeply than when it was unnamed.

There is little honour in outward gestures to celebrate such a loved poet and artist, when the people responsible for them hold the principles that guided Blake’s art and life in such contempt.

The Blake Society has raised money before for another project, that of Blake’s Cottage in Felpham, near Bognor Regis, and the press has reported the controversy surrounding the society’s handling of the project.

The cottage story is closely linked to that of the memorial, which is now being announced with such enthusiasm. I fear that the memorial to be unveiled next August is just the latest affront to Blake, on top of those he received in life.

Former Blake Society secretary and co-creator and co-leader of the Blake Cottage Appeal in 2014


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