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Archway artist: ‘Give PPE A Chance’

John Lennon peace anthem is adapted in window plea for better protective equipment

22 May, 2020

Jane Ralley sings her PPE song from the window of her home in St John’s Grove

PERCHED on her window sill every Thursday, an Archway artist has been banging her drum with a demand for better protective equipment for front line workers.

Jane Ralley, 63, of St John’s Grove, has rewritten John Lennon’s Give Peace A Chance to become Give PPE A Chance. PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment.

She borrowed a “big bass drum” from a friend to play every Thursday.

Ms Ralley, who has lived in Archway for 25 years, said: “The people in the street bang their saucepans and shout along whenever I sing.”

She added: “The first victims of a PPE shortage were NHS and care workers, but now we are throwing transport and teachers, key workers and delivery people to the wolves.”


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