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Archway Bridge, the movie without heroes

02 March, 2018

Archway Bridge – The Movie 

• I AM pleased to inform you that an established screenwriter has started work on a movie about Archway Bridge. The intention is not to create simply a documentary, although it will be necessarily historic.

The author of this screenplay intends to explore the personalities, motives and strategies of leading campaigners, the editors of local newspapers (the editorial policy of Islington Tribune, which has reported about Archway Bridge more than its rivals), of characters representing the two councils, Transport for London and Historic England.

Its psychological aspect has been the author’s main reason for developing the script. As a retired journalist who has researched Archway Bridge, the campaign for the unnecessary fences and other relevant issues, I was happy to make my files available to the writer of the screenplay, whom I have known for many years, and have worked with in the past.

I have agreed not to divulge the identity of the author and not to discuss the project. However, I am able to confirm that the leading characters won’t appear as life-saving heroes.

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