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Archway post office consultation a sham

15 February, 2019

Campaigners outside Archway post office

• IT could have been any day at any time. But at 4.15pm on Monday I counted 28 people in Archway post office. Those quoted in Emily Finch’s article were correct to say that the public consultations about its closure were a sham, (Campaigners stage protest as Upper Holloway Crown Post Office faces closure, February 1).

Not one person there that I asked knew it was to close. They hadn’t seen the notice about it on the shelves. How will the new franchise in the supermarket up the road cope with its inexperienced staff?

One woman I spoke to had been waiting half an hour at the post office in Highgate Village and had come to Archway to post her parcel out of exasperation.

It is woeful and sad to see the still empty post offices in Holloway and Kentish Town and their contribution to the depletion of the high street. It’s upsetting too to know that the helpful, knowledgable, friendly staff will be without work – or employed at a franchise at lower wages.

So it’s an irony that the Post Office is one of the few remaining nationalised services. It’s owned by our government’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Could the Tribune consider starting a petition – or is it too late?

Tremlett Grove, N19


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