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Archway road layout a wrong turn for bus passengers

21 April, 2017

• WILSON John Haire, who wonders why people have objections to the new Archway layout, can’t be a bus user (From industrial roundabout to magnificent plaza, April 7).

Bus interchanges used to be safe and easy. Now they are anything but, involving awkward walks between stops and less convenient waiting arrangements.

The bus turnarounds in Archway Road have already resulted in serious accidents and the fast cycle lane which crosses the new paved area inhibits pedestrian movement.

The area is overshadowed by the tall buildings to the south and west, is still windswept and is hardly a place in which to linger. When local groups pointed out the defects of the scheme during the so-called consultation period, Transport for London took not a blind bit of notice. Now we have to live with it.

Shepherds Hill, N6 


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