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Futuristic monstrosities invading our borough

13 December, 2019

• THE last few weeks have been torturous, “as if” I am being interrogated by some societal Big Brother in a hostile world.

I am not thinking of Brexit or the election, as disturbing and unnecessary as both of these are. I am in fact talking about sitting in my lounge, where three street lights impose a garish, persecutory, and intrusive glare into my range of vision.

It is “as if” I am sitting in a football stadium or concert arena rather than my lovely Georgian nest, which I have spent years making “home”.

The faceless oppressors responsible are Islington Council who imposed their unilateral decision to remove all the warm-glow street lamps in heritage areas and replace them with stark, ultra-bright, white, light-emitting diodes – LEDs.

Even with the black tape that they have applied following my protestations, I am still in a relationship with these spotlights that I have to sit with sunglasses or my venetian blinds closed in order to find sanity.

On Sunday evenings I feel I am living in an in/out virtual reality when watching the tripod fighting machines in HG Wells’s The War of the Worlds, tall, obtrusive and invasive, tentacles creeping into every breathing space, making claustrophobic any safe spaces.

I am not however alone. I joined “Nextdoor”, the neighbourhood social platform, over the weekend and I have been engaged in a conversation with other “humans” and have discovered that these futuristic monstrosities which have invaded our borough have definitely engaged a means of making us talk.

I wonder if Islington Council are listening?

Granville Square, WC1


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