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Arrogance of cyclists

05 April, 2019

‘Highbury Corner: cyclists are the worst-offending group’

• I WRITE in support of JE Kyle regarding the anti-social behaviour of many cyclists, (Let cyclists who ignore the rules face on-the-spot fines, March 29).

I acknowledge that Highbury Corner has been a nightmare recently for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. However, the cyclists are the worst-offending group, not only speeding through red lights, thus putting others at risk, but also riding on pavements.

The ever-changing temporary walkways are not easy to navigate at the best of times, but for some reason – and a degree of arrogance – many cyclists consider they have a right to ride through with no regard for pedestrians.

If you dare to challenge them, which I always do, and ask them to dismount, you are either ignored or more usually sworn at with abusive language.

Cyclists expect courtesy and awareness from others. It’s a shame they can’t display the same behaviour themselves.



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