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Arsenal should be held to its pledge of funding upgrades to Holloway Road station

09 March, 2018

• THERE has been ample consultation on the layout and possible realignment of Highbury Corner, and its implications for road, rail and cycle traffic, including pedestrians.

It would be helpful to see the resulting comments, numbers and percentages. The present change seems throughly detrimental to easy traffic flow and looks quite unworkable. Bus route 277 must be maintained.

Transport for London should consider a lift from the entrance hall to the Victoria line platforms and the rail connection. Opening of the station on the north/east side of Holloway Road,which is supposedly housing electrical equipment, should be carried out.

It was promised that funds would be made available by Arsenal to upgrade Holloway Road station, thus avoiding its closure on match days, which aggravates Highbury station overcrowding. Arsenal should be held to its pledge.



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