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Arsenal’s sponsorship deal with Rwanda

06 July, 2018

Arsenal have agreed a sponsorship deal with Rwanda, ‘a country implicated by the United Nations in genocide’

• BACK in April a fan’s letter to the Tribune paid tribute and gave thanks to Arsène Wenger for all he had done for Arsenal FC.

Since then a sponsorship deal has been agreed between Arsenal and Rwanda, a country implicated by the United Nations in genocide in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

I only read this so I don’t know if it’s true, but before the conclusion of the shirt deal Arsenal supporter MP Sir Keir Starmer, together with colleagues, presented Michel Barnier with an Arsenal FC shirt. Touchingly, it had his name across the shoulders – a nice touch – and was received with laughter and back-slapping all round.

This was before Arsenal shirts sported Rwanda sponsorship. Maybe things would be different now in light of developments on the commercial front or maybe commerce, bonhomie and the EU trump human rights.

I knew a man, a lifelong Arsenal supporter, who refused to renew his season ticket in protest at the signing of Willie Young. In his opinion, Willie lacked a certain something he expected from an Arsenal player. Now there was a man of principle.

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