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As Jews, we’ve felt welcome in Corbyn’s party

06 September, 2019

• I WAS sorry to read that Juliet Mwaniki believes the allegations of anti-semitism in Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, (Clichéd statements about anti-Semitism are not enough, August 30).

I and the many other Jews who have been Labour Party members in Jeremy’s Islington North constituency for many decades can attest to the fact that we have always felt welcome, as Jews, in Labour.

We, therefore, remain bewildered at the allegations, particularly as they are made without citing any evidence.

In light of the persistent attacks against Jeremy since he was elected as Labour leader, it appears that the allegations of anti-semitism have stuck because they require no evidence: the accusation itself is sufficiently toxic to be believed, if it is repeated often enough.

This is, of course, a fortunate outcome for Jeremy’s political opponents. But these are dangerous times, with an unelected Old Etonian trying to close down Parliament.

The Establishment in this country will, of course, fight a socialist Labour leader with anything they can: they cannot be expected to willingly relinquish their wealth and power to a fairer society.

All the more important that we, the people, are able to see the truth, and recognise spurious allegations for what they are. (Of the hundreds of allegations of anti-semitism in Labour made by Margaret Hodge, only a small percentage even related to Labour Party members.)

Those who are determined to retain the power positions they hold will not respect democracy or the truth. It’s now up to us to fight for both, and for a decent future for everyone in this country, not just for the rich and powerful.



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