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At 83 I want to leave London

26 July, 2018

• I WAS born in London 83 years ago. I have had a lovely life, apart from being a child in London in the war.

We were never rich but always clean. I have always loved my London and always will, but now I have decided to leave, not sure when, but I hope soon.

I see my London changing, getting dirty, and unsafe. I spoke to the priest of our local church. He seemed to agree but suggested we could all put a small amount of money each to pay someone to clean it up in our area. But isn’t that what most of us do by paying council tax?

Many times I pass his church and think how dirty the outside is and I wonder why he doesn’t do the same cleaning there. I am not a religious person but what about the words “practise what you preach”?

There is no answer to all this. I cry to see my London with no respect or love any more.



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