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Attempt to silence the debate

07 June, 2019

• ANYONE who has known National Executive member Pete Willsman over the last 40 years of consistent work in the Labour Party within Campaign for Labour Party Democracy will confirm he can be unguarded and animated.

But this is not a crime. And he could have added the word “question” to his remarks about Israeli government interference, as it has known form. He was goaded clearly and targeted to add to the mounting “ABC” (Anyone But Corbyn) campaign.

Pete Willsman is not anti-semitic. But in these hysterical, hyper-sensitive, purposely inaccurate times confusion over opposition to the Netanyahu government in Israel can be used to silence debate and any legitimate criticism of the treatment of Palestinian Arabs by a right-wing government.

Regular readers will know I recently suffered an onslaught, vile tropes and calls for my expulsion from Labour, as well as smears, deployed to silence debate. Fortunately, I am made of sterner stuff, as are Islington South Labour and people’s common-sense judgement.



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