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‘Austerity’ is not for the likes of them

12 November, 2021

Houses of Parliament

• OUTSIDE the walls of parliament there will be untold numbers facing a winter of freezing poverty through the £20 weekly benefit cut and a cash-grab fuel price increase of 12.5 per cent.

Inside there will be MPs sitting in offices taking hefty bribes (sorry, “consultancy fees”) from whichever punter in need of a “favour” has an appointment that day. Those memberss will be almost entirely Conservatives.

They will each of them have spent the last few years voting to slash local authority spending, public services, nurses’ pay, the National Health Service, universal credit, and everything else of value to the oiks. And done so without a second thought.

All this in the name of tax cuts for the richest, contracts for their donors and old school chums. And all in the name of an entirely specious “austerity” that they and theirs, yet again, will never have to suffer.

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