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Award for Whittington midwife who brings comfort

29 June, 2018 — By Samantha Booth

Comfort Offorjindu: ‘I haven’t got time for ifs and buts. There’s a job to be done, you do the job then we can do the moaning’

A WHITTINGTON Hospital midwife has won a prestigious lifetime achievement award for dedicating more than 40 years to delivering babies.

Comfort Offorjindu is popular across wards not only for her huge personality and amazing hugs, but for a dedication that has brought thousands of babies into the world.

Ms Offorjindu, one of the hospital’s longest-serving midwives, moved from Nigeria to the UK aged 24 to continue her nursing career in 1967.

In 1983, she joined the team at the Whittington, where she is known by colleagues as “Comfort by name and by nature”.

This month, she was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award at the NHS Windrush 70 Awards.

“It’s my passion, I love looking after people,” said Ms Offorjindu. “It was a choice of doing nursing or midwifery, but I chose midwifery because I can do anything for a pregnant woman, a woman in labour and a woman who has delivered without asking for a lot of help.

“In the worst situations where there aren’t many staff I could sail along happily.”

Discussing what had changed since she joined the NHS, she said she had gone from seven-and-a-half hour shifts to 11-and-a-half hour shifts.

“But I’m the type of person where I just sail along with what is going on,” she said. “I haven’t got time for ifs and buts. There’s a job to be done, you do the job then we can do the moaning.”

Ms Offorjindu retired last October but could not stay away for too long, and still picks up occasional shifts.

The Whittington is hosting a Big7Tea open day between 2pm and 7pm on Thursday to celebrate 70 years of the NHS.

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