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Axed trees in the way of Caledonian Park visitor centre

10 November, 2017

Mayor Una O’Halloran with Cllr Claudia Webbe and construction workers

• COUNCILLOR Claudia Webbe thinks “It’s fantastic that work has begun” on the visitor centre in Caledonian Park (Get digging: Work starts on park project, October 27).

But this is not how the local community feels, as it now faces a year of noise, dirt and disruption just 15 metres from some of our homes.

Also, note that in the photograph accompanying your report not one member of the local community is included. That’s because the community overwhelmingly objected to Cllr Webbe’s plans.

Our community submitted two petitions (of 750 and 874 signatures) opposing the plans, and 90 objections to the council planning application. And as many as 75 per cent of respondents objected to three public consultations.

So, we know that our councillors don’t care what their constituents and local council tax-payers think, and have failed to convince us that their plans have any validity.

We were also promised that the work would be carried out with care for the park’s environment. But last Wednesday the builders used earth-moving equipment to brutally smash down four trees that were “in the way” of the visitor centre, instead of replanting them.

And they are also destroying eight beds of beautiful shrubs and flowers. So much for Cllr Webbe’s “exciting project”.

Clock View Crescent, N7


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