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Back People’s Vote, Islington critics tell Corbyn

Ahead of Brexit demonstration, former party members in Labour leader's backyard say they have left over refusal to call for a second referendum

11 January, 2019 — By Emily Finch

From left, Angela Neustatter, Philip Laidler, Ros Davies and Nadine Mellor

FORMER Labour members in Jeremy Corbyn’s backyard say they have left the party over its refusal to call for a new referendum on Brexit.

They want the Labour leader to come up with a clearer stance with the March 29 exit day coming closer.

Philip Laidler, from Angel, said: “I actually think that what the referendum revealed was inequality and what motivated people to vote were those frustrations and unfairness. This division is extremely urgent and it needs a Labour government to address it.

“But I think they’ve got it completely wrong on Brexit. This strategy they have in place that they can negotiate a better deal is total fantasy and it will backfire.”

Author Angela Neustatter, from Cross Street, said: “I am wholly of the thinking that he [Mr Corbyn] is wrecking the chances of his party.

“There is no guarantee that a People’s Vote will stop Brexit, but at least it will be definitive. Then we can accept it. Then it will be a democratic choice.”

The critics are members of the Islington in Europe group.

Ros Davies, from Tufnell Park, is still holding onto her party membership, but said she would leave Labour if it did not help stop a no-deal Brexit.

“I am worried about peace without the EU. I grew up right after the war and in fear. Some of us have forgotten the fear of war which the EU is there to prevent,” she said.

A Labour Group spokesman commented: “The Labour Party does not accept that the only options regarding Brexit are the prime minister’s cobbled-together deal or crashing out of the EU without a deal.

“Labour is committed to working to block a no-deal scenario in Parliament.”

There will be a demonstration in Isling­ton tomorrow (Saturday) demanding a second referendum on Brexit, dubbed the People’s Vote. Two groups will start from Archway and Farringdon at 11am, joining at Highbury at 1pm.

For those welcoming Brexit there will be a public meeting calling for a “a workers’ government and socialism” and an exit from the EU at Archway Methodist Church starting at 7pm on Monday.


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