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Back-Stabbing Season as Tories stick knife into leader

27 July, 2018

Theresa May ‘has more friends in front of her than behind her’

• THIS time of the year used to be known as the Silly Season, when the media concentrated on stories that were just downright silly. But politics has taken their attention and it’s now the Back-Stabbing Season.

Back-stabbing seems to be an art form, and I bow to the Tory Party’s expertise on this. Theresa May has more friends in front of her than behind her on her own benches.

And a few have been sharpening their blades of resignation, which are designed to dig deep. Julius Caesar might have said: “I had fewer knives in my back and I did the decent thing and fell over.”

Not to be outdone, on the Labour side of this seesaw we have back-stabber in chief, former MP now £450,000-a-year David Miliband, head of a refugee charity in New York, accompanied by Dame Margaret Hodge and former Labour, now independent, MP John Woodcock.

It could be summed up like this: David might be aggrieved, even jealous, that his back-stabbing younger brother got the job as leader of the Labour Party. Then failed.

Dame Margaret has more skeletons rattling around in her political cupboard, which the Daily Mail, The Sun and BBC’s Today avoided this week. John Woodcock avoided an internal inquiry over allegations of sexual harassment by text as he jumped ship in a desperate attempt to hold onto his seat.

Loyalty does not seem to be in their political vocabulary. So they, and a few others, are back-stabbing away like billy-oh at their leader when the Labour Party has just gone five per cent ahead in the polls.

Luckily, Jeremy Corbyn is covered with political Teflon. When this hysterical news cycle is yesterday’s fish-and-chip wrapping people will go back to the current sport of watching the Tories sticking the knife into their leader’s back as they split asunder this long hot summer.



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