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Ban eating in cinemas

03 May, 2019

Cartoon by John Sadler

• THE main thing used to be watching a film. But, thanks to generations of money-grubbing marketing, going to the cinema has become primarily a mass chompfest.

Once the lights go down out come the pizzas, melted cheese and tacos, the jumbo bottles of fizzy cola and the massive buckets of evil-odour popcorn.

What is this compulsion to endlessly shovel garbage down their throats as they gawp at the screen? Do they believe that calories consumed under cover of darkness don’t count?

Possibly worst are the surreptitious unwrappers of choccy bars. They know they’re guilty and it can take a full nerve-wracking five minutes! Eating should be banned in all cinemas. It’s distracting, disgusting and unhealthy.



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