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Ban Waterlow Park barbecues

07 June, 2019

• THE weather is lovely, the park is pretty and scenic, but, oh no… cough, cough!

On Saturday I was in my favourite park, Waterlow, but had to seek sanctuary in the café as there were no fewer than 25 barbecues spread all over the park. Awful!

The smoke drifted over the entire park for the whole time I was there, 3.30pm to 5.30pm, and it exacerbated my asthma.

I met several regular park walkers who were also upset at the constant stink of barbecue lighter fuel and the strong stench of barbecue smoke.

This is pollution! What about the wildlife in the park? The nesting birds and chicks, and squirrels would have been badly affected, not to mention the numerous patches of scorched grass.

Barbecues are bad for nature, wildlife and health.

The gardeners must wonder why they bother making the grass and flowers so lovely, toiling all year round, just for these awful families to spoil it all.

I wish barbecues were banned in our lovely Waterlow Park. Put them some place else.

By the way, there were five barbecues in the barbecue-banned children’s area. There is a notice there, but these selfish, ignorant families blatantly flouted the rules.

It’s shocking.

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