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Better Highbury Quadrant estate on the way

04 May, 2018

• ISLINGTON Labour is committed not only to building more new council and genuinely affordable homes, but to ensuring all of the 35,000 existing council homes remain in a good condition.

We take our responsibilities to maintain council homes extremely seriously, which is why we have invested £135million in repairs over the last four years. Only Islington Labour councillors have voted to support this invest­ment in the last four years.

I have been working with residents of Highbury Quadrant estate to ensure the concerns they have are fully investigated and any necessary works are carried out.

I completely understand the frustration that some residents feel, and I want to thank them for their understanding and for the positive ongoing discussions we are having to resolve any problems.

Alongside these specific investigatory works, the major improvement works for the whole Highbury Quadrant estate – as well as Highbury New Park and Catherall Road – will be getting going soon, thanks to Islington Labour’s decision to invest in council housing – despite massive Tory govern­ment cuts, and the failure of other parties to vote in support of this work.

Labour candidate,
Holloway ward


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