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Beware the right-wing jab tactics

26 February, 2021

• THE letter from the London Tenants’ Federation (An invitation to tenants, a Zoom meeting about estate demolition, January 29) was answered by a correspondent from NW8, (I’ll fight for tenancy, February 19).

Demolition of social housing and replacement by “mixed” communities is generally to be seen as right-wing code for an unstated policy for a reduction in social housing.

Surely I cannot have been the only one to have spotted that one of these “mixed” schemes usually has that very reduction as an integral part.

This joins with the sales of social housing. This did not stop with the successful buying of votes during the campaign leading to the first Margaret Thatcher government.

Sales continue apace but are now principally handled by commercial auctioneers.

Research make clear just who are the boroughs, plus housing associations, selling these properties. They often tend to be very shy of openly showing their names.

Meantime, joining successful electoral Conservative campaigns of compulsory flogging off social housing (based on longevity of occupation but never commercial properties on the same principle), three-word campaigns to win the anti-European Union vote and the 2019 general election, etc, is the anti-Covid process.

Readers should observe the very careful phasing of the jabs process.

Nicely showing what is at work here is the drip-drip effect of stories about what was coming in the Boris Johnson speeches to parliament, then to the public on February 22.

It will be obvious that under the guise of “following the science” the inoculations programme has been carefully aimed at the May elections.

If these elections are as successful as hoped, we should not be too amazed if a general election for later 2021 is called.

This will be mainly predicated on the failures of 2020, leading directly to the deaths of more than120,000, being wiped out in the public minds by the success of the jabs campaign.



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