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Bewildered by the voting of my fellow residents

31 May, 2019

• SO, the good people of Islington have decided to use the EU elections to show their support for remaining in the EU. How have they done this?

Unless I’m very much mistaken, they have done this by voting for a party that included in its 2015 manifesto a commitment for an in/out referendum on EU membership; a party that pushed through the legislation that allowed the 2016 referendum to take place by unanimously supporting its passage; a party which supported austerity policies that led to a disgust and disengagement with politics that undoubtedly influenced many to vote Leave and a party that has shown, by not just abandoning its commit­ment to ending tuition fees but actually being party to its Tory masters’ plan to raise them, that its word is not to be trusted.

Also, it should not be forgotten that its leader last time the Lib Dems had any sort of power now works for Facebook, a company complicit in the spreading of lies. Lies that were explicitly designed to foster support for the Leave campaign during the referendum.

A company that, when these lies were exposed through the excellent journalism of Carole Cadwalladr at the Observer newspaper, threatened legal action to try to stop the publication of the facts and continues to refuse to be answerable to anyone for its actions.

I am bewildered by the voting of so many of my fellow residents of Islington. Can someone please explain?

North Road, N7


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