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Bid for 5G antennas on Islington tower blocks

01 November, 2019

Braithwaite House, in Bunhill, is among the towers where a telecoms giant wants to place antennas

A TELECOMS giant is laying the groundwork to introduce 5G internet service after submitting applications to install about 150 antennas on top of Islington tower blocks.

Braithwaite House, a historic 19-storey tower block in Bunhill, is set to have 62 antennas fitted on its roof while the 24-storey Michael Cliffe House in Clerkenwell will have 86 antennas.

These aerials, installed by Waldon Telecom Ltd, are part of a national roll out of the controversial 5G mobile network which is set to dramatically speed up internet services to the point where a film could be downloaded in a matter of seconds.

“The installation of this equipment is sought in connection with the improvement of the mobile phone network in order to improve wireless internet services, including 5G,” the document says.

5G uses higher frequency radio waves than earlier mobile networks making it faster but require more masts.

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