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Bike and walking trails cut NHS costs

09 March, 2018

• A MORE accurate name for the Upper Street Association would appear to be the Compton Terrace Association, where a number of the new body’s trustees seems to live and/or work.

Registered as a “charity” on February 19, less than two weeks before two of its members co-signed the letter about the ongoing Highbury Corner works, the group isn’t short of ambition (Give us respite before we face yet more roadworks, March 2).

While listing no “aims and activities” on its registration page, in answer to “Who the charity helps”, it names, among others: “Children/young people; elderly/old people; people with disabilities; the general public/mankind.”

While helping mankind isn’t to be sniffed at, charity best begins at home, so it’s regrettable that a new local group can’t (or doesn’t want to) see that an excellent way to help its target audience(s) would be the promotion of safe active travel, choosing instead to add its name to a bad-tempered, badly-written, anti-cycling missive: “too much provision for cyclists”, “excessive new fixed cycle lanes”.

Unfortunately, for the multiple signatories to the letter – one of whom is a cyclist – Camden and Islington’s 2016-17 public health report (“The economics of prevention and the role of the NHS”) cites “Improved walking and cycling infrastructure” and “Bike and pedestrian trails” as public-health interventions that can reduce costs to the health service.

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