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Blair’s sad legacy

05 October, 2018

• JAMES Snell says Tony Blair was “a particularly successful prime minister”, (Who decided Blair was a ‘failed prime minister’? September 21). He gives, however, no examples of any good things Blair did – no doubt because there weren’t any.

Such was the shift to the right to make Labour electable that it left a domestic policy vacuum with devastating consequences for health, housing and law and order.

He “disliked’ right-to-buy, but did not abolish it. Nor did he reverse Thatcher’s severe attacks on the old, the disabled and the underprivileged.

But the biggest damage he did was in Iraq, where 120,000 civilians lost their lives due to an invasion over mythical weapons of mass destruction – by a real weapon of mass destruction, the US and its poodle, Britain.



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