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Blame the drivers not the authorities

18 October, 2019

St Paul’s Road crossing

• I HAVE every sympathy with your two correspondents (The 20mph limit can itself be a danger, and How many people do we have to see knocked over?, Letters, October 11), who both have as their focus the implementers of safety rules (20mph speed limit in Drayton Park and changes to St Paul’s Road and Highbury Corner).

Actually the problems lie with drivers who habitually ignore the rules of the road. One example given is cars blocking the pedestrian crossing.

This happens all over London where drivers ignore The Highway Code, rule 192: “In queuing traffic, you should keep the crossing clear” thus inconveniencing and putting in danger pedestrians, wheelchair users and other vulnerable road users.

So it’s not the rule-makers who are at fault but the drivers who have, for decades, ignored them. The reason? They are insulated from any collision they cause and strike fear and dread into any vulnerable road user who dares to cross their path.

Let’s solve the source of the problem, not blame the authorities who are trying to redress the balance.

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