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Blue moon? Title cost Man City the Earth

OPINION: It may sound like sour grapes, but, whichever way you cut up the Premier League, the team who spent the most won – again

16 May, 2019 — By Richard Osley

Man City boss Pep Guardiola

IT is impossible to say this without sounding like I don’t just want a scrawny way for Arsenal to be upgraded, but wouldn’t it be good if Manchester City were thrown out of the Champions League over how they spend money.

Sour grapes, says you, but for all the breathless analysis you may have read and heard over how we have supposedly just watched the greatest title race ever, there is never, ever enough commentary about the brutal reality, that whichever way you cut up the Premier League, the team who spent the most won. Again.

It’s amazing how Man City kept on winning, we were told endlessly.

Is it? A team constructed with all the money in the world somehow managed to beat Brighton, and the rest, 4-1. Please tell me more about the magic recipe.

The astonishing thing is how we all know what’s happened, but nobody really mentions it. How many times has anybody on Match Of The Day or the Sky Sports commentary stopped purring about how City are 6-1 up against Huddersfield, or even 6-0 up against Chelsea, as they were in February, and mentioned the synthetic nature of the success. Just every now and then, a commentator or a pundit might like to mention where the money comes from.

Then on Monday, we were told that Pep Guardiola had been named manager of the year. It’s a laughable conclusion. He had a chequebook that never runs out.

Wolves manager Nuno Espirito Santo had some modest spending money, but brilliantly switched up his Championship side into the best of the rest in the Premier League. He should be getting the end-of-season laurels.


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