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Brexit has hit Christmas shoppers

21 December, 2017

• SHOPPING for Christmas this year has been something of a shock. Everything is so much more expensive. The cheapest Christmas dinner will cost 18 per cent more than last year.

And it is not hard to see why: the fall in the pound has meant that so many of the things we import have become more expensive. This is the cost of Brexit we are all feeling already – and we are still in the European Union. How much worse will it get when we actually leave?

We need a united campaign that will bring together everyone who resists the wounds that leaving the EU will inflict on all our communities. There is only one party that has the strength and the numbers in Parliament to lead such a campaign, and that is Labour.

Jeremy Corbyn has shown that he can mobilise the many as well as the few when he puts his heart into a campaign. Now is the time for Labour to accept that this is the cause of our time: to reject the appalling damage that Brexit will do across our country. Labour must lead this fight.

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