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Bridge this care gap

02 March, 2018

• I WISH to explain a current flaw in the law with regard to social services.

When a young person is in care, at 17 they have a certain set of legal rights under the Children’s Act. However, when they turn 18 these rights change dramatically and the new adult can easily avoid/evade services which are there to help them. This has a negative outcome for all involved, socially and economically.

Just because a dysfunctional 17-year-old in care is now a year older does not imply he or she has a legal right of evasion from help. If someone has a drugs or alcohol issue, they have very little hope of making good decisions.

Altering the law could reduce costs for the government in the long term as, sooner or later, the person will need services and the faster you help young people, the less the need for police, social services prison spaces, risks to the public at large or the individual and family.

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