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Bright moon? It’s a blazing streetlamp

10 March, 2017 — By Joe Cooper

The streetlamp on fire

PART of a Highbury street was cordoned off on Wednesday as firefighters dealt with a streetlamp which had burst into flames.

The streetlamp, in Aubert Park, caught fire at about 10pm and was spitting “molten material” onto a car below.

As the fire was electrical, London Fire Brigade could spray water only on the car below until the blaze went out.

Highbury East ward councillor Caroline Russell witnessed the fire as she was walking home and called the fire brigade.

“I looked up and thought: ‘Gosh, the moon looks bright tonight’, but I realised the streetlight was on fire.

“The bit at the top had gone up in flames. It was spraying this molten material on a car below. I saw it from a distance but people closer were just walking underneath it.”

Engineers from UK Power Networks isolated the power supply to the streetlight.

The equipment that controls the lamp had burnt out, which is rare. Islington Council will fit a new light today (Friday) and carry out tests.

A fire brigade spokeswoman said the blaze was out by 11.30pm.

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