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Bring back our ward partnership meetings

05 July, 2019

Ban barbecues in Islington parks

• I ATTENDED the full council meeting at the Town Hall last week and would like to congratulate Islington Council for declaring a climate emergency and for pledging to work towards being net zero carbon by 2030.

Perhaps it could make a start by banning highly-polluting disposable barbecues in Islington parks? A recent Freedom of Information request revealed that the council is spending more than £200,000 a year related to barbecues on Highbury Fields. Is this the best use of scarce council funds?

It was disappointing to see council leader Richard Watts shaking his head in disagreement when campaigners from Save Sotheby Mews were setting out their concerns about the accessibility of the Ronalds Road site. Some elderly users may not be able to independently access the services to be offered there when the Roundhouse is finally completed.

Councillor Janet Burgess rightly commends GLL for getting the gym facilities at Highbury Leisure Centre up and running so quickly after the fire, but it is a great shame that such slow progress is being made on repairing the pool.

Did it really take more than six months to erect scaffolding to check on the steel girders in the roof? Why is there no information for the centre on the Better website?

When will councillors in Highbury East reinstate the ward partnership meetings? The only meeting held since July 2018 was on the theme of isolation, did not provide an opportunity to raise other local concerns and had the lowest resident participation I have ever seen. Highbury West, by contrast, held a useful and informative meeting for residents last week.

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