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Builders’ deafening work keeps us out of garden

16 June, 2017

• THIS morning, like many mornings over the past 18 months, I was woken by the sound of concrete breaking from the huge Islington Square development directly behind our house.

The shape of our building on a corner of Milner Square is such that it collects the sound and magnifies it to an unbearable level. Drilling, piling and concrete breaking often sound as loud as if they were actually in the room.

The day is sunny and warm but we can’t use our garden because the noise is deafening. How many other people are being tyrannised by the development of Islington Square?

The development consortium responsible is impossible to contact. Ring the number on the gate in Almeida Street and you will be referred to the sales office in Upper Street. Go to Upper Street and you will be sent back to the site manager.

If they agree to ask their head office to contact you, they won’t. Contact Islington Council engineers’ department and they tell you they’re unable even to locate the site.

Before work began, we were invited, as the community, to a consultation. This was a badly-organised gathering of site managers speaking to small groups of residents. There was no presentation, no collective involvement and no result.

There has been no follow-up or communication from the consortium. No indication of how long the building will take and no warning of noise escalation.

If you share this situation, please contact us at or so we can discuss possible ways to deal with the situation.

Milner Square, N1


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