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Building work has ruined a peaceful part of Caledonian Park

16 February, 2018

View from a Clock View Crescent balcony shows how close the new building will be to homes

• ONCE again, Islington Council has shown its contempt for our Parkside community by demanding major increases in the opening hours of its Caledonian Park visitor centre before it is even built.

Despite the centre being very close to our homes it now plans to hire it out for “private functions and parties”.

Eighteen months ago, at the height of a vigorous campaign which demonstrated the strength of local feeling, councillors promised strictly limited hours for the centre.

These opening hours were meant to ensure the community would not unduly suffer noise, disruption, litter, anti-social behaviour, traffic pollution and parking problems.

But our councillors did not mean it. Their main aim is to make money from the park – so now they are favouring “profit before people”. Who’d have thought it?

Councillors want to use the park to make money as they have never had a proper business plan for the visitor centre or café, and are facing a large financial deficit.

In their haste to secure a £2million grant from Heritage Lottery Fund they made empty promises to everyone. Local residents are now expected to pay the price for their incompetence.

Council tax-payers need to learn from this experience just how manipulative their councillors can be. They were well aware that they were taking us for a ride with their original proposals, but behaved like cynical politicians.

A very special, peaceful part of our park has been ruined since building began. Trees have been smashed down, and beds of flowers and shrubs ripped up.

These new proposals have led to angry responses. Objections should be submitted by March 1 at, using reference number P2017/4433/S73.

Clock View Crescent, N7


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