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Bus drivers, turn your engine off when idling at stops

08 June, 2018

‘Why is it ok for buses to idle?’

• JENNETTE Arnold bangs on about vehicle pollution, but perhaps she should look into the practice of buses waiting at a stop to even out the service, (Clean air saves lives, June 1).

Today on the 476 route, the bus was held at Newington Green for two to three minutes with its engine idling. If it is not good practice for cars and lorries to sit idling, then why is it ok for buses to do this? This is not the first time I have noticed this happen. Why are drivers not told to turn the engine off?

I notice with the new single-deck buses on the 236 route to Finsbury Park Station that, when they are at a stop and the door opens to allow passengers to board, the engine automatically cuts out and restarts when the drivers shuts the doors to move off.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan keeps on about polluting vehicles. I suggest he practises what he preaches and gets Transport for London to switch bus engines off when stuck in traffic or idling at bus stops.

Also, what does Jennette define as illegal exhaust emissions. If emissions are illegal, why are the vehicles on the road? Surely when a car or lorry is in for MOT test then it has to have a certain standard of exhaust emission according to its age to be on the road.



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